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Us Government Sales & Marketing

Copyright 2006 PJM Consulting What’s the difference between selling to the US Government and selling to the Commercial market? It’s like night and day. Sales and Marketing to the government is ........ Read More

Sales Training Brisbane Tips - 21 Ways To Increase Sales!

1. Prepare Yourself To Excel. Use a checklist to prepare your attitude, appearance, customer information, company and product information and the selling environment, so you can be at your best on........ Read More

Sales Management Strategies

Abstract The paper discusses three sales management strategies that are currently used. Each of the strategy is analyzed in details. The entity advantages, disadvantages and practical application ar........ Read More

Keeping Your Mobile Sales Team Organized

Keeping a mobile sales team properly organized is a bit little juggling; you need to keep your eye on the ball, several of them, at all times. However, unlike a lone juggler, today's manager and his s........ Read More

Using Article Marketing In Your Direct Sales Business

After several months of studying the art of marketing businesses by using informative articles I've been really impressed with the tremendous information that's out there. By writing a content rich, ........ Read More

4 Ways To Use Auto-responders To Build Sales

Auto-responders, email systems which are built to deliver multi-step messages over time, will add value to your business in four ways: auto-responders can educate customers about your products and ser........ Read More

Reports And Analysis For Generic Cialis And Viagra Sales.

Our collection of market analysis reports will present you with a vast measure of information regarding the Generic Cialis sales and the actual Generic Viagra sales. The market analysis of a good demo........ Read More

Sales - The Antibodies That Can Reject A Crm System

Introduction The last frontiers to be automated in many organizations are the sales and marketing functions. But the risk of rejection and failure is high. Management see these as tools that will g........ Read More

It Sales: Stopping The Free Consultation

It’s critical to make sure that your IT sales call doesn’t become an extended free consultation. You’re not there for unlimited brain-picking. In this article you'll learn how to move the sales ........ Read More

Low Apr Credit Card Boost Credit Card Sales

Credit card companies are using different marketing strategies to sell their credit cards effectively. Several advantages being offered by credit cards are more likely to attract consumers. However, m........ Read More

Sales Training Tip – How To Retain Top Sales People

There are four primary reasons a good sales person, who is producing at high-levels at a company, will choose to leave that company. Surprisingly, the top reasons are not about money. Top Reaso........ Read More

Increase Sales By Properly Using Google’s Adwords

Most Internet users use Google and other search engines on a regular basis to find information, products, services and more. Most website owners will find that Google directs 2 to 3 times as much traf........ Read More

It Sales: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Prior to making the first IT sales call to your client, you need to prepare for it. In this article you'll learn how to get ready for meeting with a client for the first time. IT Sales: Do Your Home........ Read More

The Five Cardinal Sins Salespeople Commit

We have very candid conversations with the sales professionals who come to our seminars and through those discussions we’ve discovered five critical errors that most salespeople make. Of course, we ........ Read More

"double Your Ebay Sales In 30 Days!"

First, and as important to your success as anything you learn here, is clearly understanding how eBay users find things to spend their money on. No matter what type of buyer they are, no matter where........ Read More


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