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Salesforce: From A Hug To A Half Nelson

It is very much agreed in the on-demand industry that Salesforce.com has the best marketing machine going. It is an attractive package and promises improvements in business performance and practically........ Read More

Direct Sales Tips: How To Respond To Booking Concerns

When it comes to the art of booking, there’s a new twist on an old saying “Give a Direct Seller a show and she has income for a day. Teach a Direct Seller to book a show and she has income for a l........ Read More

Why Sales People Lose Business

In my time as a sales director in the IT industry I spent a lot of time and effort trying to understand why we won and lost business, with most of the effort on the latter. In sales reviews, reading l........ Read More

How Are Sales Like Jump-starting Your Car?

I hope it has been some time since you last had a dead battery. It's not a lot of fun, especially if it is pouring rain and you don't have a set of jumper cables. Most people know a battery has a po........ Read More

Sales Management Strategies

Abstract The paper discusses three sales management strategies that are currently used. Each of the strategy is analyzed in details. The entity advantages, disadvantages and practical application ar........ Read More

Hiring Effective Sales People Worldwide!

APIMage is now hiring effective sales people all over the world to invite prospects to a presentation and close sales utilizing its 10K A Week Wealth Creation System released by “Make Money Or Make ........ Read More

Reports And Analysis For Generic Cialis And Viagra Sales.

Our collection of market analysis reports will present you with a vast measure of information regarding the Generic Cialis sales and the actual Generic Viagra sales. The market analysis of a good demo........ Read More

The Mystery Element In Sales

The element of mystery can be effectively employed to involve your audience. We are all naturally curious about the unknown. When we feel we've been left hanging, it drives us crazy! We want to know t........ Read More

Affiliate Marketing Can Improve Sales

There are numerous benefits to creating your own affiliate marketing network. You will increase your presence on the internet, increase your sales and only pay for performance based advertising. Typ........ Read More

Pda's Are Declining In Sales As Time Goes On

Over the last year sales on PDA's have increasingly dropped. Palm pilots and those with blue tooth capabilities are still holding at a steady pace. According to the economic statistic poll taken in ........ Read More

How To Get Referrals In The Sales Process

First, getting referrals is as easy or as difficult as you make it. The main reason most sales people are not good at getting referrals is simply because they do not ask or do not ask with conviction........ Read More

A Simple Sales Strategy: Define What Selling Is!

How do you define selling? A lot of people think of selling as persuading/convincing people to buy things they may or may not want or need. To some, selling is all about closing a deal. Thinking of se........ Read More

Make More Sales By Making Optimized Web Pages.

So you'd like to be an Internet Marketer, marketing products or services on the Internet and live the good life that financial success can bring you. But how do you get to that point? How do you get a........ Read More

Sales And Marketing Articles - Right Time - Right Message

When it comes to making the most of your online sales and marketing articles it's really a matter of getting the right message in front of the right people. Sounds simple, doesn't it? And while it's........ Read More

A Tale Of Two Salesmen

We've all heard the expression "He's a born salesman!" at one time or another. The saying implies that there are some people that are more apt to being successful at sales than others. These people ........ Read More


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